Team Fundraising Events

DASA is known for our wide selection of adaptive sports and disabled competitive teams but did you know our competitive teams are the only adaptive sports teams in the greater St. Louis area?

And these teams work really hard to compete and win! But they can’t do it without your help. DASA Team Fundraisers make it possible for our hard-working teams to keep playing the sports they love, travel to games and championships, and even go on to compete in the Paralympics.

Take a look at how the funds from your support make a difference and please help our teams as they raise their own funds to stay competitive and go all the way!

How Your Support Helps

Travel Expenses. Our competitive teams are the only adaptive sports teams in the greater St. Louis area; the closest competitors are in Indianapolis, Kansas City, and Chicago, so we don’t have local games like most competitive teams. We travel to tournaments to compete and hotel rooms and travel expenses are, well – expensive!

Specialized Equipment. The equipment needed to play these sports is specialized and custom fit for each athlete. Our athletes are not able to roll into a sporting goods store and pick out what they need. When a new athlete comes to DASA, we help him or her get started with the equipment we have on hand, but eventually, each athlete has to purchase their own piece of specialized equipment, which can be cost-prohibitive to playing the sport they love.

Wheelchair (Quad) Rugby

An entry-level rugby chair is $8000! Typical team fundraisers include:

  • Bash For Cash: Non-rugby players of all abilities (e.g. able-bodied, paraplegic, amputee, etc.) create a team to compete against other non-rugby teams. Teams will play in several games and the winningest team will play the DASA Spartan Rugby Team for the grand prize. Teams will be coached by the Spartan players prior to the event.
  • Trivia Night: Get your table together, bring your own food and beverages, and test your trivia knowledge, all in the name of raising funds for rugby!

Wheelchair Basketball

An entry-level basketball chair is $4000! Typical team fundraisers include:

  • Rams vs. Teachers: The DASA Rolling Rams play a game of wheelchair basketball again the schools’ teachers! Schools that participate include Pattonville High School, Parkway High School, Kirkwood Middle School, North County High School in Bonne Terre, and Union High School.
  • Cops vs. Kids: Our local Heros in Blue compete against the Rolling Rams. You can’t miss this one!

Sled Hockey

An entry-level sled with sticks and protective equipment is $2000! Typical team fundraisers include:

  • Blazing Blades: The DASA CarShield team takes on our local fire fighting heroes, as these heroes fight to stay upright in a sled!
  • Local Hockey Clubs have their chance to get into sleds and play against the DASA CarShield players.

Team Sports Changes Lives

DASA competitive teams change these athlete’s lives in countless ways. They build strength and endurance, hone their skills, and come together as a community to play, socialize, and build comradery, on and off the playing field. These sports give many a new lease on life and take them all the way to the Paralympics!

That’s why our Team Fundraisers are so important. Your support can be the difference between playing and competing or missing out on the opportunity to showcase their ABILITIES and go all the way!

Be sure to keep an eye on our events page and calendar to attend, sponsor, volunteer, or if you can’t make it, donate to our teams and be part of something great.

Our Upcoming Team Fundraising Events

We are looking for Team Fundraiser support for our Swim Team, Track & Field, Boccia, and other team sports. Contact us if you would like to help these teams get to the next level of their sport.

Sponsor & Volunteer

Our fundraisers simply could not happen without the support of our community, sponsors, and volunteers. We are grateful beyond measure and love to see how your help changes our athlete’s lives.

Become a sponsor. To learn more about sponsorship and what it means to be a sponsor, go to our Become a Sponsor page and be sure to contact us to get started.

Become a volunteer. Volunteering at our sporting events, clinics, fundraisers, camps, and other exciting specialty programs is inspiring and fun and leads to a comradery that sparks motivation in all of us to explore our diffabilities. Learn how to become a volunteer on our Volunteer page and follow the simple steps.

If you have any questions or want to get started helping today, contact our team and let’s do this!

We would love to learn more about your fitness needs and how DASA can help, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Donate & Make A Difference

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Upcoming Fundraising Events

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