The Ability Gym

DASA’s Ability Gym furthers our mission of athlete empowerment by creating an environment that maximizes our athlete’s physical abilities to experience the benefits and positive impact of living an active lifestyle. Through our adaptive training program, our athletes gain strength, endurance, increased motor skills, confidence, and improved emotional well-being.

The DASA Adaptive Fitness & Exercise Rehabilitation program is specifically for individuals with physical disabilities and is endorsed by the Department of Veterans Affairs and Move United.

DASA’s Adaptive Fitness & Exercise Rehab program provides the community, adaptability, and motivation that will push you past your perceived limitations to a new level of independence.

  • Improve your physical fitness in a gym setting with a trainer.
  • Rediscover and focus on the ABILITIES you do have.
  • Gain functional strength through adapting exercises.
  • Work on a sport-specific plan to reach the next level in your sport; maybe even Paralympian.

Adaptive Fitness & Exercise Rehab takes place in our Ability Gym located in the Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters, MO and is open to athletes of all abilities. Our therapists customize your Adaptive Fitness & Exercise Rehab program to your goals and provide the opportunity to gain strength, performance, and an enhanced quality of life.

DASA Offers M.O.R.E.

DASA offers Motivational Opportunities and Rehabilitative Exercise (M.O.R.E.) to help physically disabled, deaf and hard of hearing, and visually impaired children and adults gain strength, endurance, increased motor skills, confidence, and priceless emotional well-being.

M.O.R.E enhances the ability to perform simple tasks for daily functioning, like going from a wheelchair to a bed or sitting at the table for a meal. And, just as importantly, M.O.R.E. helps you gain strength and independence to decrease common and often painful conditions, such as pressure sores, bladder infections, weight gain, and muscle weakness, all for a better quality of life.

With DASA you can do M.O.R.E., achieve more, and focus on your abilities for a better quality of life.

Post-therapy, Strengthening, Performance

Through Adaptive Fitness & Exercise Rehab at the DASA Ability Gym, individuals with physical disabilities can enrich their quality of life after physical therapy.

  • Once insurance will not cover any more therapy or you experience a plateau in therapy, you can come to us to continue an exercise program that will further enhance your strength and performance.
  • When appropriate, an Ability Gym Therapist will follow up with your clinical therapist to collaborate on goal progression and specific restrictions in bracing or orthopedic needs.

Gym Setting: We work in a typical gym setting, with typical gym equipment. Our athletes use equipment that everyone else uses and that they most likely used pre-injury – this equipment isn’t “special” for them.

Being in a gym post-injury, or in a new environment that you have never been able to be successful in, provides as much psycho-social benefit as it does physical benefit. Not being in a clinical setting and succeeding with “normal” goals provides confidence and independence.

Post-therapy: An Ability Gym Therapist will establish goals with you and when appropriate, discuss with your medical care provider, O&P, and or coach/teacher way in which to further your success.

Strength Training: Specifically designed training programs and adaptive exercises for functional strength, endurance, and living skills. DASA Adaptive Fitness & Exercise Rehab programs rediscover and focus on the abilities you do have, and provide the community, adaptability, and motivation that will push you to reach your goals. Strength does not discriminate!

Performance: DASA therapists design a specialized training plan to help you achieve peak performance. We will create a sport-specific plan for goal achievement and aid in reaching that next step in your sport. “Athlete” is in the person!

For over two decades, our athletes have become empowered by enhancing their ABILITIES and benefitted from the positive impact of an active life.

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As part of the DASA family, we know you will discover new abilities and confidence. Whether you’re interested in rehabilitation, athletics, or both, we are here to help you achieve your goals and live your dreams!

Pricing is as follows:

Non-Military Veteran Athletes:
$50 – Evaluation
$50 – per Regular Training Session

Military Veteran Athletes:
$40 – Evaluation
$40 – per Regular Training Session

Multiple Trainer Policy
Clients utilizing multiple trainers for a session will be charged $25 per trainer, per hour, for all sessions (minimum 1 hour).

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We would love to learn more about your fitness needs and how DASA can help, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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